Why use SPF, will I still tan?

You want a nice summer tan, so brown...not red! So you don't want this to be at the expense of your skin. But will I get a tan if I protect myself with SPF ? The answer to that question my dear, is YES!

Protects and still get a color

Yes, this just happens! It is often thought that when you apply sunscreen factor, you do not tan or tan less quickly. But that's not what SPF does. SPF ensures that you can spend longer in the sun without burning your skin. You should of course always be careful, because the strength of the sun also plays a role in this. This depends on the time of day and can change during the day. So keep a close eye on this.

The higher the factor, the whiter I stay?

No! As I mentioned above, SPF extends the time you can sit in the sun without burning. How quickly you normally burn depends on your skin. If you have very light skin, you usually cannot stay in the sun that long without it quickly starting to turn red. The height of the factor multiplies the time in which you would burn without sunburn. If your skin starts to glow after 10 minutes, you can keep it full with factor 50, 500 minutes without turning into a lobster ;-).

But!...this doesn't mean you only have to apply once in those 8 hours! The cream absorbs into your skin, rubs against your towel, you wipe the sand from your legs, you go for a swim... so it's best to reapply every two hours. And again after swimming anyway!

So sunbathers...YES, you can also work on your summer tan with SPF! The higher the factor, the longer you can sit in the sun. All the fables of the job, so protect your skin well for your own good :-).