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BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics

Do you like a lot of color in your eyeshadow palettes? Or are you looking for luxurious but affordable brush sets? Then you have come to the right place at BH Cosmetics. A make-up brand where quality and a budget price go together perfectly and with which you can fully indulge and experiment.

In addition to make-up and brushes, BH Cosmetics now also has acne patches in all kinds of fun designs and colors that match the bright color palettes of BH Cosmetics. Do you have a festival to go to, but suddenly an annoying pimple appears there? Then stick a cool patch on it and make your festival look even more badass ;-).

Badass with heart

BH Cosmetics is a makeup brand that was founded in Los Angeles. BH Cosmetics goes for affordable products and creates the trend. A brand that listens to its customers and makes a difference. They design what the customer wants. BH Cosmetics has the most beautiful and colorful eyeshadow palettes and brush sets. BH Cosmetics does not play it safe but dares to go outside the box. This way everyone can always find a suitable eyeshadow palette and you can vary endlessly for your perfect eye look.

Take Me Back To Brazil

If you like to experiment, the Take Me Back To Brazil palette is what you are looking for. This is an eyeshadow palette with striking and colorful shades. The palette is a bestseller for a reason, because the choices are endless. Which colorful look are you going for? Do you prefer the somewhat natural and softer shades? Then you go for the Hangin' in Hawaii palette. This eyeshadow palette has softer shades with matte and shimmer finishes. All palettes are intensely pigmented but also easily blendable.

Affordable Brush Sets

BH Cosmetics also has beautiful, affordable makeup brushes. Whether you go for a striking set with a metallic handle or a luxurious rose golden look, BH Cosmetics has it. With the brush sets from BH Cosmetics you will also immediately receive a matching makeup bag to store all your makeup brushes. Handy for on the go or just beautiful for your dressing table.

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As Boozyshop we understand better than anyone that your BH Cosmetics is on your to-buy list. Do you know what is so fun now? If your order contains more than 35 euros in products, you can choose a nice free gift during checkout.

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