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BH Cosmetics

Shine with make-up from BH Cosmetics. Beautiful colour pallet, richly pigmented and skin-friendly. Elaborate range at competitive prices.
Eye Color
BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Eyeshadow & Lipstick Palette
€16,49 €9,95
BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow Palette
€19,95 €15,95
BH Cosmetics Modern Neutrals 28 Matte Palette
€16,49 €9,95
BH Cosmetics Warm Stone Eyeshadow Palette
€15,95 €9,95
BH Cosmetics Essential Eyes 28 Eyeshadow Palette
€16,49 €9,95

BH Cosmetics

Shine with the dazzling make-up of BH Cosmetics. High quality make-up at competitive prices, available at Boozyshop. The brand BH Cosmetics is focused on the energetic woman. When you look good and feel good, you are capable of accomplishing great things, according to the American brand itself. Indeed, they provide everything to make you feel good: from eye shadow to lip liner. All these products are available at Boozyshop.

BH Cosmetics eye make-up

The use of eye make-up is not new, women have been using it for centuries. BH Cosmetics offers a beautiful high quality colour palette. Start your day well with the eye make-up Nude Rose night fall 12 colour. The different shades provide a matte or shiner finish. With 12 eye shadow colours, the combinations are endless. To be recommended is the eyeshadow palette First Edition with 120 different colours. Whatever your day may look like, you will look striking with this eye make-up.

All eye shadow is highly pigmented. Therefore, it will stay throughout the day. The eye shadow of BH Cosmetics does not irritate and does not contain damaging parabens. Furthermore, it has been tested for allergies. For the best results, first use an eye shadow primer. Apply the eye shadow with a proper eye shadow brush. We provide different make-up brushes and eye shadow brushes of the brand.

Eyebrow powder and pencils

Eyebrow powder gives your eyebrows more volume and shape. If you have very light eyebrows, then you can choose to give them more colour. Accentuate your eyebrows with the eyebrow powder of BH Cosmetics. Choose one of the different shades available, including caramel, brunette or ebony. If you need multiple colours regularly, we recommend the BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Ultimate brow palette. With these 12 different colours, you will always look your best.

An eyebrow brush of BH Cosmetics creates perfect results. For the detailed work, use the eyebrow pencil. This masks small imperfections or accentuates the eyebrows.

Feel good with beautiful lips

Kissable lips, created with the BH Cosmetics lipstick. Choose a matte lipstick or a lipstick with a deep colour. All colours of the brand are included in our range. Romantic red, feminine pink or striking purple, we provide them all. The lipstick hydrates and protects the lips. The product is animal friendly and tested for allergies. Apply the lipstick and let it dry for a moment. For a beautiful result, finish with a lip liner. The lip liner of BH Cosmetics accentuates the line of the lips and stays on throughout the day. Our range includes 6 different colours of BH Cosmetics.

Radiant skin

Back to the beach with a tan, thanks to BH Cosmetics you will look like you just came from the beach. Quickly touch up your tan with the bronzer in various shades of brown. The bronzer ensures a healthy look and is multi-functional. Thanks to the elaborate testing, the bronzer is suitable for all skin types. Always apply the product on the areas that tan first. This creates a natural result.

Besides the bronzers, we also provide the Cosmetics pressed powder. This powder gives your skin more colour and makes you look radiant every day. Light to medium cover is perfect for all skin types. Thanks to the added components, it also hydrates the skin. The foundation is also to be recommended, this enables full cover.

BH Cosmetics provides everything to make you feel all woman. Available at Boozyshop: because you are worth it.