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Catrice lipstick

Catrice lipsticks have a nice price with good quality. Furthermore, these mega comfortable and feel super soft on the lips. The lipstick stays good and beautiful all day long.

Your lips can change your entire face

It is a miracle but with a lipstick you can make sure that your whole face changes. It is important that you choose the right color beforehand. Choosing the wrong color can cause you to unwittingly create a look you didn't want. You can choose a color according to the circumstances. For example, you wear a different color at a wild beach party than when you go to a wedding party.

Which color suits you?

Of course, there are no rules about which color to use for which skin tone. Everyone is different and likes something different. Catrice has enough shades to let you be yourself. And offer you the opportunity to find a shade that will blow your mind. However, there are colors that are better with one person than the other. With skin colors we are talking about 2 types. A warm and a cold skin. Is your silver more beautiful? Then you have a cold skin color. Do you like gold better? Then there is a warm skin tone. This is the basis for your final color choice. Dark shades make your lips a bit thinner and lighter shades make your lips thicker.

Warm or cool undertone

With a light / cool undertone, you can choose colors such as light pink, coral red or peach. With a dark / warm undertone you best choose coral red or deep pink, these colors will look great on you.

One lipstick is not the other

After we have delved into the different color options, it is clear that one lipstick is not the other. Every shade is different and every shade is different for each person. And everyone likes something different.

Applying the lipsticks from Catrice

How do you best apply the lipstick from Catrice? You start by applying from the center of your top lip, then apply the lipstick outwards. Do this exactly the same way for your lower lip. By repeating this again you create an even more intense look.

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