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Catrice mascara

Are you going for a dramatic or subtle eyelash look? The good mascaras from Catrice ensure that you can give your lashes exactly the look that you have in your mind. The Catrice mascaras are an absolute must for your stash. Thanks to the mascaras, you no longer have to think about taking fake eyelashes.

Go for a striking effect

When you use mascara you want your lashes to look natural but also striking. Applying one layer of mascara does not have that much effect, it gives a much stronger effect when you make 2 to 3 layers of it. The mascara is best applied with zigzag movements. By making such movements you ensure that the mascara adheres well.

The different brushes of the Catrice mascaras

The different Catrice mascaras all have different types of brushes. Mascaras with a curved brush This brush ensures that you have an optimal result with just one stroke over your eyelashes. An elastomer brush ensures that you can easily spread each creamy mascara over each individual eyelash hair. And the special fiber brush, this brush is ideal for applying the mascara quickly and easily. This provides more volume, more length and more curl! You can also choose whether to choose a waterproof or non-waterproof.

Don't hesitate any longer and order one of the Catrice mascaras at Boozyshop

With the budget-proof mascara from Catrice you will find everything you need. Mascara with very high quality for a very low price. From the ingredients for a dramatic to a subtle look. With a purchase of 30 euros or more you can choose from a gift of your choice. Do you have any questions or need advice about Catrice mascaras? Then you can always contact one of our experts in live chat. They are happy to help you there!