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Catrice Eyeliner

With the beautiful Catrice eyeliners you complete your look. All eyeliners from Catrice are made in such a way that they stay super beautiful and last a long time. Catrice has various eyeliners that all have a beautiful quality.

Use of an eyeliner

You use an eyeliner to outline your upper lash line, this makes your eyes pop out! You can apply your eyeliner exactly the way you want and feel comfortable with it. You can apply your eyeliner thinly, creating a subtle effect. If you choose to apply your eyeliner thickly, you can create a larger wing. For example, you can also choose to draw the eyeliner slightly upwards in the outer corner of your eye. This gives your eyes a lift and they look a lot bigger.

Liquid eyeliner or a pencil

At Boozyshop we sell various eyeliners from Catrice. From a liquid eyeliner to a pencil. The nice thing about Catrice's liquid eyeliner is that it ensures that your eyes are differentiated. This gives the most intense result, does not stain and dries immediately. Catrice's pencil is powerful and does not fade. You absolutely do not get smudges with this pencil.

Experienced or not? You are at the right place at Catrice

Have you always used an eyeliner and are you looking for an even better eyeliner? Then you are convinced and ready to use one of the Catrice eyeliners. But even if you are just a beginner and have never used an eyeliner before, Catrice's eyeliner is a good idea for you!

Order one of the Catrice eyeliners at Boozyshop

As soon as you order for 30 euros or more you will receive a free nice gift with your order.