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Ceramide Ato Lotion


Are you a big fan of K-beauty, but haven't found the right Korean skincare products for your sensitive skin yet? Then the Korean skincare products from the Korean brand Illiyoon are ideal for you! Illiyoon has 40 years of versatile research behind it to solve skin problems with sensitive skin.

There are various factors and situations that cause sensitive skin, so they carefully check the ingredients and the feeling of use.

The magical workings of Illiyoon

  1. Reliable ingredients for sensitive skin.
  2. Performing rigorous sensitivity testing.
  3. Eco-extraction method to protect raw materials and nature.
  4. A deeply moisturizing and soothing effect that lasts all day.
  5. It is produced on a special line, so that the selected raw materials are not mixed with fragrances.
  6. The products are in a special container with a double structure to prevent the deterioration of ceramide.

3 main ingredients

To produce good Korean skincare products, the right ingredients are very important. Illiyoon's products contain these three ingredients: Phytoceramide, ceramide capsules and ceramide complex.

With these three ingredients you create the ideal skincare products for sensitive skin.

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