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Essence eyebrow products

The eyebrow products from Essence are a real must-have in your stash! Nowadays, on-fleek eyebrows are completely trendy and the products from Essence will help you with that. Don't feel like a full-face make-up look for a day, but do you want to look fresh and well-groomed? Then make sure your eyebrows are in shape and you are ready to go!

Which product do I choose?

The range of Essence at Boozyshop is endless: from pomade, pencil to gel: you can find it all! Choose an eyebrow pencil with which you can put short lines for a subtle effect, or go for a brow pomade that guarantees your look will last. To ensure that everyone can find his or her favorite eyebrow products, many different colors are available!

Don't forget your accessories!

Now that you know which product is your favorite, you can search for the right accessories. Essence has a handy eyebrow gel that ensures that your eyebrows remain in shape all day long, without hairs being wrong. To get your eyebrows in shape, use the Essence tweezers, with which you can remove even the smallest and thinnest hairs! You will also find the right brush to model your eyebrows in the Essence collection at Boozyshop!

Time to shop at Boozyshop!

Are you shopping for more than 30 euros? Then you are lucky and you will find a nice gift with your order. Buy the make-up from Essence now at Boozyshop!