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Absolute Prime Lash Primer
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Super Prime Mascara Base

What is Lash & Mascara Primer?

Lash & Mascara Primer is an essential preparatory step for applying mascara. It serves as a base coat that strengthens, hydrates, and prepares lashes, making them more resistant to mascara while providing stunning volume and length.

Why Choose Lash & Mascara Primer?

Lash Care: Lash & Mascara Primer is infused with nourishing ingredients that strengthen and hydrate lashes, making them healthier and stronger.

Enhanced Mascara Performance: By applying a primer before mascara, the adhesion and performance of your mascara are improved, resulting in long-lasting volume and length.

Long-lasting Results: The formula of Lash & Mascara Primer ensures long-lasting results, keeping lashes looking beautiful all day without clumping or fading.

How to Use:

  1. Apply Lash & Mascara Primer to clean, dry lashes.
  2. Allow the primer to dry before applying mascara.
  3. Then, apply your favorite mascara for a stunning eye makeup look.

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