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Moisturizing Cream 10% Urea

Calmurid: the solution for dry and itchy skin!

Calmurid is a brand that specializes in developing products for the care of dry, rough, flaky and itchy skin. The brand was created from the collaboration between dermatologists and pharmacists, who have combined their knowledge and experience to create and offer effective and safe formulas at an affordable price. Calmurid has been a trusted brand in pharmacies for over 30 years and is recommended by professionals.

Intense hydration for the skin

One of Calmurid's most popular products is the Moisturizing Cream 10% Urea. This cream has been specially developed for daily, intense hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis for very dry, rough or even flaky skin. The cream contains 10% urea, a natural component of the skin that ensures moisture retention. Urea also has a keratolytic effect, which means it removes excess skin flakes and makes the skin softer and more supple. The cream is perfume-free, well tolerated and is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy layer. The cream can be used for skin conditions associated with dry skin, such as ichthyosis, hyperkeratosis or psoriasis. These skin conditions should always be diagnosed by a doctor.

Why choose Calmurid?

Calmurid is a brand that stands out for its scientific approach, its quality and its effectiveness. Calmurid products are based on the latest insights and research into the skin. The products are tested for safety, tolerance and efficacy, so that you can be assured of optimal results. Moreover, Calmurid products are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Calmurid is a brand that understands and cares for your skin.

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