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Bed Head Wax Stick


With Tigi you create the most amazing hairdos! Tigi is the ultimate choice for hair care and styling, allowing you to show off your unique style.

About Tiger

Step into the glamorous world of Tigi, where creativity and innovation are key. Whether you're looking for essential hair care products, styling tools or products to completely transform your hair, Tigi has it all. From a wide range of shampoos and conditioners to luxurious treatments and finishing products, Tigi offers the perfect solution for every hair type and desired look!

What makes Tigi really special is their progressive approach. They listen to their customers' wishes and work with professional hair stylists to develop products that really work. Each Tigi product is carefully formulated with high quality ingredients to nourish your hair and make your styling dreams come true.

With Tigi you can achieve salon-worthy results, whether you're styling at home or preparing for a special occasion. This brand enjoys a great reputation in the fashion and beauty industry and is trusted by professionals and beauty enthusiasts worldwide!

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