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Masil is a Korean hair care brand you must discover! With a focus on natural ingredients and innovative formulas, Masil offers an extensive range of hair products that transform your locks and make them shine. Read on to find out how Masil can help you take your hair care routine to the next level.

Masil, natural beauty for your hair

Masil believes in the power of natural ingredients to nourish and strengthen your hair. The products are infused with extracts of plants and herbs known for their beneficial properties for the hair. Whether you're looking for shine, volume, curl definition or deep hydration, Masil has the perfect solution to make your hair shine.

Masil 8 Seconds Salon Hair Mask

One of Masil's most loved hair products is the Masil 8 Seconds Salon Hari Mask. This is a nourishing hair mask that takes care of dry and damaged hair. This hair mask is enriched with no less than 16 natural ingredients based on herbs and fruit.

In addition, the formula also contains hydrolyzed collagen and keratin, two ingredients that strengthen your hair and restore your hair structure. Transform dry and damaged hair into strong, shiny and radiant locks with this hair mask!

Transform your hair with Masil: now available at Boozyshop!

Experience the magic of beautiful hair with Masil's innovative hair care products. Order Masil's hair products today before 20h00 and we will ship your order the same day. And as a nice extra, you will also receive a free beauty item from us with your order from €35. Enough reasons to spoil your hair extra with Masil's care products!