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Catrice fixing sprays

Are you completely done with your make-up look never reaching the end of the day? It is quite normal that you irritate this, because applying makeup takes a lot of time. The Catrice fixing sprays are the solution for you! From now on your makeup will no longer fade. But also stains and spouts are prevented.

Make-up long and beautifully preserved

A fixing spray from Catrice ensures an optimal appearance. When you apply a fixing spray from Catrice, your makeup will be preserved for as long as possible. Makeup often runs out quickly when it's hot outside or when you go out. From now on this is definitely a thing of the past. Use it as a finish to your makeup and you will find that you can party all night long without any problems.

How often to use a fixing spray?

When you purchase a fixing spray from Catrice, it is of course up to you. Usually, a fixing spray is not used every day, but on days when you have a party, for example. If you want to be sure that you have an optimal appearance, you can always choose it.

How do you apply a fixing spray?

Apply your entire make-up look in advance. Then apply the spray. Keep the spray about 30 cm away from you. Close your eyes while applying the spray. Then apply the spray with zigzag movements.

Don't hesitate any longer and order one of the Catrice Fixing Sprays at Boozyshop.

So don't hesitate any longer and order one of the Catrice fixing sprays at Boozyshop. If you order for 30 euros or more, you will receive a nice free gift of your choice.