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Beauty Creations

Skin Color
Eye Color
Beauty Creations 35 Color Splash of Glitter Palette
Beauty Creations 28 Color Splash of Glitter Palette
€24,95 €17,49
Beauty Creations Sugar Sweets Eyeshadow Palette
Beauty Creations Latte Espresso Eyeshadow Palette
€11,95 €7,95
Beauty Creations 15 Color Eyeshadow Palette Esmeralda I
€13,49 €5,95
Beauty Creations Espresso Eyeshadow Palette
€11,95 €7,95
Bebella Cosmetics Champagne Kisses II
€19,95 €9,95
Beauty Creations 35 Color Pro Eyeshadow Palette Elsa
Beauty Creations 35 Color Eyeshadow Palette Valentina
€26,95 €12,95
Beauty Creations Cali Eyeshadow Palette
Beauty Creations Cali Glow Highlighter Palette
€16,95 €13,49
Bebella Cosmetics Glow Dust Highlighter Palette
Bebella Cosmetics Fairy Dust Highlighter Palette
€28,95 €19,95
Beauty Creations Cali Chic Eyeshadow Palette
Beauty Creations Scandalous Glow Highlighter Palette
€14,95 €9,95
Beauty Creations Angel Glow Highlighter Palette
€14,95 €4,95
Bebella Cosmetics Champagne Kisses I
€19,95 €9,95

Beauty Creations

Everyone's new favorite: Beauty Creations

Beauty Creations creates real beauty's you want! Developing with much care and love and inspired by Beauty Creations her favorite influencers, the collection is guaranteed to be hot. Because Beauty Creations fits perfectly with every mood and all make up looks, this fantastic brand is definitely a new all-time favorite. Because your standard make up routine to the office or school or just a tight, sexy, dramatic make up look is best created with Beauty Creations.

Esmeralda Hernandez: master brain, CEO, founder, innovator and creator

Started in 2016 and grown so fast that Beauty Creations can not be left out of the beauty industry. Esmeralda Hernandez is the master brain, CEO, founder, innovator and creator of Beauty Creations. And together with a talented team, Esmeralda puts down a mindblowing collection every time. So Beauty Creations is not only hard to imagine without but even impossible to miss! Because not only the products are breathtakingly beautiful, the passion of Esmeralda and what Beauty Creations stands for steals the hearts of many ladies.

From successful in perfume and hair to a leader in the make up

Esmeralda grew up in the beauty industry. How fun?! Her successful career started at a very young age. Together with her single mother, Esmeralda worked at the age of 12 in the beauty industry. She was so inspired that Esmeralda, when she was 15, already had her own company! Esmeralda is started in the perfume and hair industry but soon she noticed that something was missing in the beauty industry; make up for an affordable price! Without having to rob the bank, Esmeralda wanted to buy beautiful products with the best quality ... Soon she met people with the same ideas and passions and that's how Esmeralda founded Beauty Creations. Beautiful products of the best quality but with an affordable price, so make up is available for everyone.

The most beautiful eyeshadow palettes that exceed all your expectations

Do you like to experiment with eyeshadow? Or do you just like to expand your stash because your love for eyeshadow palettes is very large? Then Beauty Creations is perfect for you! Beauty Creations has a choice of many eyeshadow palettes with different vibes. The eyeshadows are colorful or just nude, highly pigmented, longwearing and have the most beautiful finishes ... Beauty Creations definitely exceeds all your expectations. But not only the eyeshadow itself is fantastic, the pallets and the packaging certainly make it complete with their beautiful look.

Beauty Creations her radiant glow

Is eye shadow not your thing? Beauty Creations has the most shiny highlighters as well, matching every skin tone. It is true to say that the highlighters are highly pigmented, longwearing too and in the most beautiful colors and finishes. Nobody can resist the radiant glow of Beauty Creations!

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