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Jumiso skincare

All the way from Korea is here: Jumiso skincare! Produced with only the essential ingredients, Jumiso's skin care falls under Clean Skincare and K-Beauty, yes! Did you know that the name Jumiso is derived from two words? Namely “Ju”, which means “to give” and “Miso”, which means to laugh. And you will certainly laugh, because the packaging of this cool Korean brand not only looks too nice, the skincare will also work wonders for your skin. Time to smile, honey!

Only the necessary ingredients

The skincare from Jumiso only consists of the essential ingredients that improve the effect of the product. For example, you will not find parabens, silicones, alcohol and perfume in the ingredients list, your skin will thank you! In addition, Jumiso's skin care is produced in Korea, the place-to-be in the field of skincare. This means Jumiso falls under two popular categories: K-Beauty and Clean Skincare.

Suitable for all skin types

The great thing about the skincare from Jumiso is that there is a suitable product for every skin type. Whether you have oily skin with impurities or dry skin with pigmentation spots, Jumiso has the solution for you! Due to the wide range, there is a suitable product for every step in your routine: clean your skin with the Jumiso All Day Vitamin Clean & Mild Facial Cleanser, pamper your skin with the Jumiso Yes I Am Toner AHA 5%, hydrate with the Jumiso Super Soothing Cica & Aloe Facial Serum and finish your routine with the Jumiso Have a Good Cream Snail & Centella. Hello radiant, healthy skin!

All advantages at a glance

  • Skincare from Korea
  • Clean Skincare and K-Beauty proof
  • With only the essential ingredients
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Cruelty free

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We at Boozyshop are very enthusiastic that the fantastic skincare from Jumiso is now available from us! Do you have any questions about certain products, or are you unsure which product suits you best? Talk to us in the chat and we will be happy to help you!

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