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Airspun Loose Face Powder Translucent 24

Very first covering powder

The Coty brand was conceived and founded by François Coty. The very first covering powder from Coty came out at the beginning of the last century. Because his powders became such a big trend in Paris, François started his own little shop. His powders are still seen today as the best of all time. When François died in 1934, his family took over the company.

Purpose of Coty

The purpose of the Coty brand is to see your own beauty. By being yourself and being proud of yourself and expressing that. People radiate joy when they feel beautiful and happy. You must celebrate and free the diversity of your beauty.

Coty powder

The loose powders from Coty provide a silky, matte and natural finish, and the powders also have good constructive coverage. This coverage ensures that wrinkles and bumps are no longer visible. Thanks to these powders the complexion of your skin is leveled. This product is dermatologically tested and is lung load, which means that the powder stays in place all day.

Applying powder

In addition to that these powders are meant for hiding irregularities and wrinkles. Are these powders also good to use for contouring or highlighting? You apply the powders by using a normal powder brush and then applying with a circular motion. In addition to being able to use the powder separately, you can also apply it over your foundation. By applying the powder over the foundation, your foundation will shine less and have a more matte finish.

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