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Living Proof was founded in 2005 by a team of scientists, stylists and hairdressers and has been an integral part of the beauty industry ever since. This luxury hair brand has developed products for every hair type and problem. This way you get out of bed every day with a perfect head of hair!

Living Proof is there for everyone

Do you have a dry scalp, oily roots or do you suffer from frizzy hair with split ends? Living Proof is here for you! The extensive range includes shampoos, conditioners, creams and sprays. So there is always a product that your locks need. But that's not all...

Ingredients in Living Proof haircare

Just had an expensive hairdressing treatment? We understand all too well that you want to keep your hair color as beautiful as possible. With the hair care from Living Proof you don't have to worry about that! All items are free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates and silicones and are therefore safe for colored hair. In addition, Living Proof products are recyclable and cruelty-free!

Science behind Living Proof

Living Proof hair care is not just something that works, because there is a whole theory behind it! Did you know that all hair care is based on molecules, which ensure that your hair gets more volume and texture, for example, without weighing it down. Another molecule ensures that your hair gets more body, or that your locks stay clean longer, so you have to wash them less often.

Living Proof shopping at Boozyshop

Are you looking for hair care where you will really notice the difference? Then it's time to shop Living Proof! Do you still have doubts about products, or do you want advice on which items suit you best? Our customer service is happy to help you!