Eyelash Curler & Tweezer Set Light Pink
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Mini Slant Tweezer Stainless Steel
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Slant Tweezer Stainless Steel

Of course your eyebrows are on Fleek. Or not? In that case tweezers will be your best friend. With a pair of tweezers you can epilate your eyebrows in the right shape effortlessly. This is extremely important, because eyebrows shape your entire face. It is precision work, so a good pair of tweezers is a must. Discover all the ins and outs for choosing a pair of tweezers!

Tweezerman: the must-have for every beauty lover

Of course we want to shine like the stars of the white screen. Tweezerman helps you with this. Tweezerman is the go-to of the stars. Tweezerman offers a range of high-quality beauty tools for an unbelievably great price. Because perfect eyebrows has to be a possibility for everyone, so also for you! A wonderful brand that enables you to perfectly shape your eyebrows. This is what you can expect from Tweezerman:

  • High quality, your Tweezerman is made of stainless steel;
  • The tweezer has the perfect angle of 25 degrees so you can optimally shape your brows;
  • Perfectly calibrated for the perfect grip.

How to get perfect brows

Shaping your eyebrows in the right shape requires a lot of precision. But no worries, if you go through these steps, it will be guaranteed:

  • Choose in advance the shape that you would like. Do not let it deviate too much from the natural shape of your eyebrows, so it does not look fake;
  • Take a hot shower or steam your face before you start epilating. This way the pores open and it becomes easier to remove the hairs;
  • Pick out a hair that you want to remove. Clamp the hair as close to the root as possible, which is better for your skin;
  • Pull the hair in the direction of hair growth. This way you prevent the hair from being removed without the root and that it does not break down;
  • Ready with epilation? Finish by rinsing your face with cold water. This closes the pores again.

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