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UP41 Lipstick Brush

Discover our range with the best lipstick brushes!

Ladies love lipstick. By using a certain lipstick you can emphasize the beautiful appearance of your lips and also give a beautiful and unique color to them. Many different lipstick brushes have appeared on the market over the years, each of which is capable of creating a unique accent. But which one should you choose? This depends on your personal preference. We have collected the best lipstick brushes for you and would like to introduce them to you!

Wide choice of many different lipstick brushes

If you are looking for a suitable lipstick brush you will notice that there are many different versions available. And so is our offer at Boozyshop. We have chosen to offer an extensive range of different lipstick brushes that not only have different functions, but different looks as well. You should keep in mind that various lipstick brushes in our assortment are particularly suitable for applying beautiful lines around the lips while other brushes are for applying lipstick in particular. No matter what kind of brushes you are looking, we have them all! Just have a look at the Boozyshop assortment!

Cheek and lip sets

There are many different types of brushes in our range. So you have the possibility to buy a suitable brush for your lips, as well as a complete set of brushes which is ideal for applying make-up on your cheekbones. By purchasing a set you will immediately have lots of different brushes that you will absolutely use with great pleasure.

Maintaining your lipstick brushes

Once you have bought a new lipstick, you'll want to keep it for as long as possible. But that is only possible if you take good care of them. To maintain your lipstick brush you need some different things. For example, lukewarm water with a shampoo or brush cleanser. In addition, you can use the Pro Brush Cleaner for deep cleaning in the fibers. When you have cleaned your brushes, it is very important to dry them upside down.

Beautiful lipstick brushes at an interesting price

Looking at our range of lipstick brushes, you'll notice the choice is diverse. And besides al the possibilities in sorts, our lipstick brushes also have an extremely interesting price. So there's something for everybody! And because of that anyone can create flawless lips.

Order your lipstick brushes at Boozyshop now!

If you choose to purchase your lipstick brushes at Boozyshop you receive a nice gift with every order over € 35,-! So look no further and get your make-up brushes today at Boozyshop!