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AXIS-Y is a Korean care brand that focuses on developing healthy skincare. They attach great importance to making their products accessible to everyone. By adding important values and positivity, AXIS-Y is a brand with its own personality. AXIS-Y hears the needs and feedback of their customers and incorporates this into their skincare development process.

AXIS-Y, go for individuality

At AXIS-Y they do not follow a certain standard of beauty, but they find it important that you pursue your own ultimate values, individuality and passion. Go for the beauty you want to achieve. But your personal skin care can be difficult. You have a lot to discover and learn a lot about your skin, but fortunately you are not alone. At AXIS-Y they are ready to help you in the search for which products your skin needs.

Climate inspired

Our skin never rests and experiences different external influences every day. These influences are becoming increasingly complex due to increasing pollution, stress factors and climate change. That's where ALIX-Y wants to make a difference when developing their skincare. As the first skincare brand to focus on this, they want to tackle the skin problems caused by climate change with personal care for your skin. Isn't that fantastic?!

AXIS-Y, healthy skincare for everyone

All AXIS-Y skincare products are made from natural and skin-friendly ingredients that they develop using natural formulas. For example, all products are free of parabens, artificial fragrances and mineral oils. At AXIS-Y they apply the highest safety standards. For example, all products go through multiple testing processes and undergo a dermatological test before being released.
In addition, all their products are cruelty-free and a large part of their range is vegan and certified by the Korean Vegan Association. Their goal is to receive a vegan certificate for all their products.

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