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Essence makeup brushes

A good makeup brush ensures that your makeup stays in place better and more beautiful when you apply it with a good brush. There are many different types of brushes, there is one for all your makeup! Besides the fact that a makeup brush has to work well, it is also nice if it looks nice and is a bit affordable. The Essence brushes are the solution for you!

The Essence makeup brushes in your stash

The Essence makeup brushes not only work perfectly, they also look beautiful! The white, glossy handle is finished with a rose gold ferrule, which provides a chic, classy look. The synthetic hairs are super soft and are made to apply your makeup seamlessly.

Maintenance of your brushes

To ensure that your brushes stay beautiful and last a long time, it is important to take good care of them. Wash your brushes once a week so that no makeup remains in them. You can wash your brushes with soap and water, but using the Boozyshop Makeup Brush Cleansing Soap & Pad will make your brushes even cleaner. After washing it is important to let your brushes dry well. Turn the brushes upside down so that the water doesn't run into your handle.

You can order Essence makeup brushes online at Boozyshop

Convinced of the Essence brushes? We get that! Order your brushes online at Boozyshop before 20:00 and you will receive your pink package the next working day. Extra fun: if you order for more than € 30, you can choose a free gift in our gift shop!

Do you still have doubts about which brush is suitable for you, or do you have any questions about certain products? Talk to us in the chat and we will be happy to help you!