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Facecharts Workbook 50 pcs.

Face charts

You might know them: the workbooks with which you can improve your makeup skills. You can shop them here at Boozyshop! Face charts are developed for and by professionals. How can you prepare a makeup look without applying it to the model? Or you have an idea in your head, but you don't know if it will work? Face charts are THE solution. You work out all your ideas on paper and then apply them to your model. Do you want to learn how it works first? You can read all that in Face charts "The Book"!

Not just for Makeup Artists

But not only MUA's and makeup artists can use face charts. These face charts are also ideal for beauty enthusiasts! Do you like colors and make-up? Why not combine both hobbies?! Let your creativity run wild and work out all your ideas on paper. Make it a girls night and first make a look on paper and then practice on each other. Success and hilarity guaranteed!

Infinite creativity

Whether you want to practice or because you have hundreds of makeup looks in mind: the Face chart books are there for you! Choose your favorite workbook and let your creativity flow. Experiment with colours, effects, light or practice drawing razor sharp eyeliners . Once you've mastered it on paper, doing your own makeup is a breeze!

Workbooks and explanation

At Boozyshop you will find different types of face charts. Do you know how best to approach this and which techniques you can use? You can read all that in The Book: a book bursting with tips, tricks, examples and ideas. Personally told by the one & only Liza Kondrevich: the creative brain behind the Facechart brand.

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