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Wing it! Eyeliner Extreme Thin Black
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Wing it! Eyeliner Thin Black

What about Sanfilippo?

Sanfilippo was founded by 26-year-old Barbara Sanfilippo. She always did very long about her eyeliner and it was never perfect. You know it, one eye is perfect and the other eye does not succeed for a meter. Barbara went looking for a stamp and searched the internet for such a stamp to make the perfect wings. But without success, because this eyeliner did not exist yet and that's how Sanfilippo Wing It! originated. She stopped her job to fully focus on the brand and to implement the ideas. After the necessary struggles with money and various obstacles and setbacks, Barbara was not stopped. She put her own savings in the first production and with success, because the eyeliner was sold out within one month!

Create the perfect wings with the Sanfilippo Wing It! eyeliner

The eyeliner of Sanfilippo Wing it! is the must-have if you have trouble making the perfect wingliner. The side of the stamp is suitable for making the most perfect sharp wings. You can finish the line with the eyeliner on the other side. For best results, it is important to keep the eyeliner horizontally. In addition, this liner is also responsible, because he is cruelty free, vegan and free of perfume!

This is how you use the Sanfilippo Wing It! eyeliner

  1. Stamp your wing with the stamp side, making sure the tip of the liner points up towards the end of your eyebrow.
  2. Pull the line with the eyeliner side and connect it to your lash line.
  3. Always store this eyeliner horizontally for the best color result.

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Here at Boozyshop we offer a wide range of eyeliners. With the Sanfilippo Wing It! eyeliner you no longer have to struggle with making the perfect wings, because with this eyeliner your wingliners are completely flecked! If the order amount is over 35 euros, you will receive a nice gift from us when ordering.Wait no longer and order your Sanfilippo Wing It today! eyeliner.