Step into the world of odiD, where luxury and affordability go hand in hand. This Korean hair brand has won the hearts of many with its high-quality, floral-scented care products that pamper not only your hair, but also your senses. With odiD, your daily self-care becomes a moment of pure indulgence.

A Luxury Experience for Everyone

odiD believes that luxury does not have to be unattainable. That is why products have been created that give you a feeling of chic and sophistication, without having to break the bank. The slogan "Oh, we did it!" odiD reflects its mission to find the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Finally you can enjoy the luxurious scents and effective care your hair deserves.

Iconic Fragrances that Pamper your Senses

One of the features that makes odiD so special are its four iconic scents. Each of these fragrances is designed to provide you with a unique and luxurious experience:

  • Florist Garden: This fragrance takes you on a walk through a lush flower garden, where the delicate aromas of flowers surround you and give you a feeling of peace and joy.
  • Sandal Woodfig: Let yourself be carried away by the warm, woody notes of sandalwood, combined with the sweetness of figs, for a scent that is both comforting and exotic.
  • Verbena Lavender: This combination of invigorating verbena and calming lavender offers a perfect balance between energy and relaxation, ideal for a refreshing start to the day or a relaxing evening ritual.
  • Forest Herb: Feel the fresh, spicy breeze of a forest walk with this scent that connects you with nature and gives you a feeling of renewal.

Products for Every Hair Need

odiD offers a range of hair care products, from nourishing hair oils and invigorating shampoos to powerful hair serums. The products are carefully formulated with the best ingredients to nourish, strengthen and hydrate the hair. Whether dealing with dry and damaged hair, or simply maintaining the hair with daily luxury, odiD has the perfect product!

Buy odiD at Boozyshop

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The advantage of ordering care from Boozyshop? For orders above 35 euros you can even choose a gift, isn't that nice?! Have fun (K-beauty) shopping with odiD products!