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Eye Color
Makeup Revolution X Soph Nude Lipstick Cake
Makeup Revolution Matte Nude Lipstick Lust
Makeup Revolution Haunted Lipstick collection Sinister Seduction
Milani Color Statement Lipstick Tropical Nude
Milani Matte Moisture Lipstick Matte Dreamy
Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick Give Me Mocha
Nabla Matte Liquid Lipstick Five O'Clock
Ofra Cosmetics Pro Mixed Palette
€69,95 €29,95
Makeup Revolution X Soph Nude Lipstick Syrup
Makeup Revolution Lip Advent Calendar
Makeup Revolution Haunted Lipstick collection Vampire's Thirst
Wet n Wild Megalast Catsuit Liquid Lipstick Death to Unicorns
€4,99 €2,49
Makeup Revolution Haunted Lipstick collection Corpse Bride
Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection Matte Nude
Makeup Revolution Matte Lipstick Driver
LA Girl Lip Plumper
Revolution Pro Supreme Lipstick Psycho
Revolution Pro Supreme Lipstick Incite
Revolution Pro Supreme Lipstick Haywire
€4,95 €2,95
Revolution Pro Lipstick Kit Naked
Makeup Revolution X Soph Nude Lipstick Fudge
Milani Keep it Full Nourishing Lip Plumper Champagne
Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection Matte Reds
Revolution Pro Supreme Lipstick Tyrant
€4,95 €2,95


A lipstick for extra beautiful lips

It is actually striking to mention how a colored lipstick can ensure that your face suddenly has a completely different look. A stylish look with a certain color on your lips, or an innocent look quickly turned into a dramatic look. For this reason it is always important to think carefully about the lipstick that you will use. For example, do you opt for a striking, red color or do you prefer darker tones? Many ladies also choose to adjust their lipstick according to the circumstances. Because of this reason, a whole different lipstick is usually worn at a funeral than at a wedding party. Is a somewhat more glossy look your thing? Take a look at our large assortment of liquid lipstick. Do not wait any longer and get a brand new lipstick with a beautiful color from the range at Boozyshop today!

Adjust color of lipstick to your skin color

There are actually no official rules about which lipstick you should use exactly in combination with which skin color. Yet there are several interesting tips that can ensure that you do not unexpectedly choose a color of lipstick that is a fashion fail. Of course, the skin color is indeed looked at in this area. We catalog the different skin colors under the headings "warm" or "cold". The best possibility to test which skin type you have is standing in front of the mirror and see if silver or gold jewelery is the best for you. When the gold color clearly looks best, you have a warm skin color. Is the silver you the most beautiful there is a cold skin color. This will form the basis for your final choice in terms of lipstick, so keep this in mind.

Do you have a warm skin color and would you like to buy a lipstick? Then choosing the colors cappuccino, caramel, brown, orange, gold, bronze and pink / red is an excellent choice. For women who have a cold skin color, the colors dark red, beige and cool brown are recommended. Naturally, the type of skin is not exclusively considered in the area of ​​a lipstick. Moreover, you also need to stop at the appearance of it. Do you have, for example, a rather exotic skin or do you have a very light skin that is characterized by white tones? Based on these observations, you will ultimately have to decide which elevator is best suited to your face.

Lipstick in various colors

After reading the above, it is clear that one lipstick is definitely not the other. When you buy a lipstick, you as a lady always have to take sufficient account of the various possibilities that can be found on the market. Here at Boozyshop we have at least opted to put together an offer with lipsticks that have the most varied colors. For example, do you want to get a lipstick with the special tiramisu color in your home or have you understood it more on that other unique color latte? In both cases it is possible without any problem to get a lipstick at home here at Boozyshop that will know how to meet all expectations without any problem. Are not you looking for a special color, but would you like to order a nice, warm red lipstick for example? Also in that case you can find exactly the one lipstick you are looking for!

Buying your lipstick at Boozyshop

That the range of lipstick with us has expanded considerably may be clear in the meantime. There is more, however. We at Boozyshop have made it possible for you as a lady to order the lipstick of your choice at a very interesting price. All this makes it clear, do you want to order a brand new lipstick? Do not hesitate any longer and order this lipstick today at Boozyshop!