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Transparent Makeup Mixing Palette & Spatula

You really want and need a mixing palette 

A palette perfect for mixing and matching is a real essential in every make-up stash. This way you can customize your unique shade without using the back of your hand! No mess and product everywhere but very precise and work like a pro. Who would not want that ?! Therefore shop a Make Up Mixing Palette at Boozyshop!

Mix and match your liquid makeup without creating a mess

Mix liquid foundation to precisely create your skin tone and achieve the most beautiful result. Because a foundation color that is closest to your own skin tone is perfect! A too light or too dark foundation does not give you the desired result. And with these amazing palettes you can mix more than just foundation! In Boozyshop's range you will find pallets where you can mix all your liquid make-up products, for example different concealer shades or multiple liquid highlighters for a unique effect. Do you love everything that shines? Then you will certainly love an all-over glow! With a Make Up Mixing Palette, you can mix your favorite liquid highlighter perfectly with your foundation to create this beautiful make-up look.

Create unique powder products with this great palette

Not a fan of liquid make-up and does your make-up stash consist mainly of powder products? Even then a Make Up Mixing Palette is suitable for you. Boozyshop's range also includes those great palettes that you can mix powder makeup on! Create a unique eyeshadow color that fits your eyes or a new blush shade to be able to switch and vary. So not one day your make-up look is the same!

Partners in crime

The partner in crime of the Make Up Mixing Palette is a Mixing Spatula. The spatula is ideal for mixing and matching your make-up products. Add the products together and mix!

Shop the makeup artists must-haves at Boozyshop!

A Make Up Mixing Palette and a Mixing Spatula are makeup artists must-have, but also all other makeup enthusiasts have to shop this perfect duo as quickly as possible. Fortunately Boozyshop has exactly what you are looking for; beautiful products with the best quality for an interesting price. Is your order over 30 euros? Then you get a free gift with purchase!