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Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow products

Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow products, who doesn't know them? Anastasia believes that eyebrows give you strength. Your eyebrows are a very important part of your look. Well-groomed and defined eyebrows give you self-confidence and complete your look. For this reason, Anastasia has an extensive collection of eyebrow products, and the good news is: The ABH eyebrow products are available at Boozyshop! And a large part of this make-up is vegan!

Pomade, pencil or powder?

The extensive collection of eyebrow products from Anastasia Beverly Hills contains an infinite number of different formulas. Of course Anastasia has the super popular Dipbrow Pomade. But do you prefer to define your eyebrows with a pencil or gel? These items are also in the collection. In addition, eyebrow powders should of course not be missing. To ensure that everyone can find their favorite eyebrow product, all these items are available in an immense variety of shades! Are you a makeup artist? Then choose the brow palette full of different colors, so that you can provide every customer with the right shade.

Don't forget your accessories!

If you have chosen your favorite eyebrow product at Boozyshop, you should of course not forget to order the right accessories. Anastasia has eyebrow stencils, so you can easily create the right shape. In addition, there is a brow primer in the range that keeps your eyebrows in perfect shape even longer. Do you have trouble creating a tight eyebrow? Then use the Pro Pencil, with which you can easily apply a base and light shade to your eyebrow bone. You will also find the right eyebrow brush in the Anastasia Beverly Hills collection at Boozyshop!

Time to shop Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow products at Boozyshop!

Do you shop for more than 35 euros? Then you are in luck and you will find a nice gift with your order. Buy the makeup of Anastasia Beverly Hills now at Boozyshop!