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NYX Cosmetics Mascara

The use of mascara is super popular, because not everyone has natural long lashes. Mascara makes your eyelashes stand out, appear larger and gives them more volume. Your look is complete with NYX Makeup Professional mascara's. Your eyes become irresistible! If you want expressive eyes that make you even more attractive, NYX mascara is the solution. With NYX mascara you no longer have to think about fake eyelashes.

Applying mascara

When you use mascara you want your eyelashes to look natural. Applying one layer of mascara does not have much effect, it gives a stronger effect when you apply 2 to 3 layers of mascara. You can best apply mascara with zigzag movements. The mascara adheres well to these movements.

The mascaras of NYX Cosmetics

The mascara Worth The Hype from NYX Professional Makeup makes your lashes darker, longer and fuller and is super easy to apply thanks to the conical brush. You can also opt for a real waterproof mascara that ensures extension and even more volume in your eyelashes. NYX also has a vegan mascara that gives your lashes a matte black effect. This has an intense volume. And all for a super affordable price.

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There is actually nothing to criticize on the mascara of NYX Makeup. So have the NYX mascaras convinced you too? If you order for 30 euros or more, you will receive a free gift with it.