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Keracare hair care

Not sure where to start with your curls? Then Keracare products come to the rescue! The great thing about Keracare is that their products consist of only natural ingredients, so you can use them when you apply the Curly Girl Method. Dry and frizzy hair are a thing of the past with these caring products from Keracare!

What is the Curly Girl Method?

According to this craze, it's better to say goodbye to harmful ingredients in order to take care of your curls in the best way. Harmful ingredients include sulfates, parabens, drying alcohol and mineral oils. The CGM-proof hair products consist exclusively of natural ingredients that embrace your curls.

Your curls will have to get used to a new routine. Give them some time to get used to products, only after several uses can you conclude whether or not a product works for your head of hair. And we speak from experience: it sometimes takes a while before you have found the golden combination. Your curls will thank you!

Assortment from Keracare

We at Boozyshop sell ten different products from Keracare! Keracare's hair care products have been specially developed to tame dry and frizzy hair. The products will give your curls more definition and make them feel softer. All products ensure that your hair remains well nourished and hydrated. This way you can enjoy beautiful healthy and shiny hair!

Our range at Boozyshop from Keracare consists of products that will transform your hair from start to finish. From a shampoo and conditioner to a styling gel for your baby hair! Breathe new life into your curls with these nourishing hair products!

Order Keracare online at Boozyshop

Are you looking for Curly Girl Proof haircare? Order your new Keracare favorites at Boozyshop now! When in doubt about which product is right for you, be sure to contact our experts via live chat. We are happy to help you make the right choice!

What makes buying at Boozyshop extra fun? For orders over €35 you can choose a free gift.