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Pap+ Whitening Strips

Why choose Clearsmile?

Clearsmile gives you the Hollywood Smile you've always dreamed of and that without harsh bleaching agents! How nice is that! Clearsmile was founded in collaboration with Chaimae Almaaz and together they went looking for the better and healthier way to whiten your teeth and they found it. The Whitening Strips whitens your teeth with a PAP+ formula, this formula has no side effects and therefore you can use the products without pain or other nasty ailments.

The difference between peroxide and PAP+

PAP+ and peroxide both use an oxidizing effect to make your teeth whiter and stain-free. Peroxide releases substances known as free radicals, which provide results but unfortunately have unwanted side effects such as sensitivity and irritated gums.

PAP+ has the same effect but without releasing the free radicals. This means that your teeth are whitened safely and painlessly.

How to use Clearsmile

We have various teeth whitening products in our range, so you can choose which product suits your needs. Do you suffer from sensitive teeth or do you have a hard time with stubborn remedies such as peroxide, especially for the Clearsmile strips!

The operation of the strips is very simple, you apply the strips to your teeth and press them well so that all active ingredients can do their job to make your teeth as white as possible! You leave this on for 30 minutes and ta-da your teeth are immediately a shade whiter.

You can buy Clearsmile at Boozyshop

Don't feel like intensive whitening treatments at the dentist? Order your Clearsmile strips now at Boozyshop. Shopping at Boozyshop has a number of nice benefits, such as fast delivery, a gift at €30 and personal advice via our chat. What are you waiting for?? Order quickly so you can start working on your White Smile.