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Makeup Repair & Creation Kit
Fixy Makeup
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Large Makeup Repair Binder + Empty Spray Bottle

Fixy Makeup; lifesaver!

Have you ever wondered if there's a way to revive all that broken and unused makeup instead of throwing it away? This idea grew into an obsession and eventually into Fixy Makup. Fixy helps beauty lovers save time and money by helping them repair broken powder makeup and create new colors, instead of throwing it away. At Fixy they strongly believe in the motto; recycle and reuse. Let's all do our part!

Jill Rossini, entrepreneur and power woman!

With 15 years of experience in graphic design and 10 years of experience as a certified beautician, Jill Rossini has put her heart and soul into creating Fixy. After repeatedly breaking her favorite MAC eyeshadows and not finding a satisfying DIY solution, Jill saw an opportunity to create a product that is unique and innovative. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Jill is a mother, founder, former roller derby star of Denver Roller Derby, an avid snowboarder, mountain biker and yogi. She is truly a power woman and never shies away from a challenge! With her incredible perseverance, she not only founded Fixy Makeup, but has been running a super creative branding and web agency for more than ten years.

Why Fixy Makeup?

All Fixy Makeup products are designed with an emphasis on high quality, ease of use, reusability and contain simple and safe ingredients. With the Fixy Makeup Repair & Creation Kit, broken makeup is a thing of the past. The kit includes a handy press that allows you to effortlessly grind your makeup into fine powder. Choose one of the empty makeup pans and fill it with your ground product. Thanks to the included binder, your makeup will look like new again. It's fast, simple and sustainable. The Fixy Broken Makeup Binder is made from 2 simple and safe ingredients and no other product on the market works as well to recompress makeup as the Fixy Binder. Say goodbye to wasted makeup and hello to a more sustainable beauty routine!

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Embrace the world of Fixy and discover how to breathe new life into your makeup collection. These innovative solutions give you the tools to recover, create and shine. Order Fixy products today. For orders over 35 euros you will receive a free gift of your choice. Do you need advice or have questions about our products? Speak to us in the chat! Don't wait any longer, save your broken makeup with Fixy Makeup!