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Hairvest is part of a company that started developing brands for others in 2010. In 2015 they started developing their own brands and so Hairvest was born!

Hairvest is a brand that focuses specifically on hair problems. It is the world's first hair care brand to develop a treatment that addresses the problem at the hair follicle without the side effects usually associated with hair treatments.

Hair Follicular Delivery System

Hairvest's signature formula: the Hair Follicular Delivery System. This system can achieve ten times higher penetration and effectiveness of the hair assets used. This unique technology simultaneously acts on the three pillars of our hair health: the hair, the follicle and the scalp. Hairvest's ingredient system is also 100% natural and sustainable, vegan, dermatologically tested, lightweight, non-greasy and fast absorbing and made from plant-based and biotechnology-based active ingredients.

And all that! is what makes Hairvest products so effective!

Hairvest products

Hairvest has 5 treatments that treat oily hair, the Greasy Hair Purifying Scalp Treatment, dandruff, the Dandruff Anti-Dandruff Hair Treatment, brittle, the Breakage Strengthening Scalp Treatment, hair loss, the Hair Loss Forte Intensive Treatment and the prevention of hair loss, the Hair Loss Prevention Treatment, tackles. But they have also developed an Eyelash Growth Serum for the eyelashes!

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Hairvest is the brand you want to add to your haircare routine if you suffer from hair loss, dandruff, oily hair or brittle hair! You can shop the entire line at Boozyshop.