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Beppy: ultimate comfort for women

Welcome to the world of Beppy, where freedom and carefreeness come together during your period. In the 1990s, women's doctors developed the first Beppy's, especially for women who want to live their lives without restrictions during their menstruation. With Beppy you can exercise, swim, go to the sauna, or be intimate, all without you, your partner or those around you noticing your period.

Environmentally friendly

Meet the Beppy Menstrual Cup, a revolutionary product that changes your menstrual experience. This cup not only offers great comfort, but is also an environmentally conscious choice. Thanks to the innovative design and easy cleaning with the Beppy Sterilizer, the menstrual cup brings a new level of convenience and durability during your period. The Beppy cup comes in a set of two so you never have to run out. To make the cups easy to carry, two cotton bags are included and a larger silicone bag to store them safely.

Order Beppy online at Boozyshop

Discover the freedom that Beppy has to offer and let nothing stop you from the activities you love, even during your period. Order your Beppy products today from Boozyshop and experience the convenience and comfort that these innovative products have to offer. Receive a gift of your choice for orders over 35 euros. Do you have any questions about any of the products? Feel free to ask your questions in the chat!