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NYX Professional Makeup Palette

If you want to create a variety of look, you can opt for a NYX Cosmetics palette. Because of the different hues, undertones and finishes of such a palette, you can alternate to the look that you feel like.

A nice fact about the NYX Cosmetics palettes

Each palette of NYX Cosmetics is composed so that when you want to use a certain color, the surrounding colors are perfect to combine. This way you can easily create a great look.

Contour Palette from NYX Cosmetics

Thanks to the contour palettes of NYX Professional Makeup, you emphasize different face shapes. For example, think of your cheekbones and your jaw line. To choose the right color, it is best to choose a palette. When you choose a palette you have a lot of shades, so you can easily find the shades that suit you.

NYX Blush Palette

NYX Cosmetics has Blush palettes for every day that you want to shine. By choosing a Blush palette you have a lot of beautiful shades in one. This way you can find the Blush that you like super fast. You create the perfect look thanks to the different shades. When you have light skin, it is best to choose a light and soft shade. If you have dark skin, choose the more intense colors. With dry skin you need a real cream texture to prevent further dehydration. With oily skin you better take a palette with a matte finish.

NYX Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette

Shades of eye shadows vary widely, so it makes sense for your choice to be stressed. You have different shades from subtle to strikingly bright. Based on the type of shade and the finish that appeals to you, you can choose the eye shadow palette for you. If you want expressive and striking eyes, you've come to the right place with the palettes of NYX PMU!

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