Which colors go best with green eyes?

Fun Fact: Green eyes occur in about 2% of the world's population. So they are very rare! Are you lucky enough to be part of this 2%? Then keep reading! We have listed a number of tips for you that will make your eyes shine.


Contrast = key! Do you really want to make your green eyes pop? Then use complementary colors. These are colors that are opposite. Because this provides a contrast, it brings out the best in your green eyes! For green eyes, shades of purple, red and orange are complementary colors. Colors such as peach, brown and plum colors perfectly match your green eyes! Incorporate these colors into an eye look and your green binoculars will be the centerpiece of your look!

Smokey Eye

You can also accentuate your green eyes very nicely with a smokey eye. Make sure the smokey eye is not too dark. This comes across as too intense and takes the focus away from your eye color. Instead of a black color you can make a smokey eye with shades of gray, that will look great on you! Do you prefer warmer colors? Then take a look at brown eyeshadow. Oh and hey, your look should have some sparkle to put your unique eye color in the spotlight even more!

To complete your look, you can put on an eyeliner. If you really want to make your eyes stand out, you can go for a purple eyeliner. Because you use a complementary color, the green color of your eyes comes out even better! This is also the perfect solution if you think a full color eye look is a bit too much of a good thing.


Time to experiment which colors you like! Because that is of course the most important of all. Would you like advice on which products suit your eye color? Then contact our experts in the live chat, they will be happy to help you!