Which colors go best with brown eyes?

Fact: women with brown eyes are prettier, healthier and more reliable, according to research! All you have to do now is flee your make-up and no one can get around you anymore! To help you a little, we have listed the best make up colors!

Eyeshadow for brown eyes

As with brown-haired people, brown-eyed people can handle almost any shade of eyeshadow . Different colors that look very nice with brown eyes are gold, bronze and pink tones. You can make your brown eye color stand out by working with contrasts. Brown is a neutral color so purple, blue or green tones are often very nice! Do you find a lot of color in your eye look exciting? Then try an eye pencil or eyeliner with color!

natural look

Another good match with brown eyes is a natural look. These can be made beautifully with colors such as taupe, peach and brown. Try to make sure that there is a shimmer in these colors. This keeps the eyes sparkling and prevents it from looking faded. You can also opt for a light or dark look with brown tones: just what you feel like!

smokey eyes

Smokey eyes also work well with brown eyes. They bring out the color of the eyes beautifully. For the smokey eye, black eyeshadow can be used very well. Because the eyes are already dark by themselves, it doesn't seem too intense. You don't have to be afraid of black eyeliner either! You can handle this very well. If you want to go for a calmer look, you can also use a brown or blue eyeliner!


Now you can get started with your makeup! Are you still unsure about which products suit you? Then contact our experts in the live chat and they will be happy to help you.