What Is Kaolin Clay And What Does It Do For Your Skin?

Kaolin Clay is an ingredient that can be found on the ingredient list of skin care products, such as in a face mask. But, what exactly is Kaolin Clay and what kind of skin is it for? We are happy to explain it to you!

Kaolin Clay is the mildest (mineral) clay used in skin care products, making it suitable even for sensitive skin. Kaolin Clay has a white color in most cases, but it can also be pink, brown or green, for example. Kaolin Clay provides radiant, clear skin!

What are the benefits of Kaolin?

Kaolin Clay ensures, for example, that acne is tackled and excess oils are absorbed. In addition, it is also suitable for damaged skin or skin with hyperpigmentation. It also ensures that your skin does not dry out, but on the contrary becomes softer. Kaolin mainly ensures that your skin is purified. Sounds good, right!

Boozyshop Kaolin Clay Mask

Kaolin Clay is often found in a (cleansing) face mask such as the Boozyshop Koalin Clay Mask . A face mask provides an even more effective treatment of the skin. You can add the Koalin Clay Mask 1-2 times a week to your skincare routine and it provides a cleansing and caring effect. Pores are cleaned and will visibly shrink. It also ensures that acne, impurities and dark spots are reduced. Because there is Aloe Vera in the mask, cell renewal of your skin is stimulated and skin aging will not occur. Everyone wants this, right?

How do I use the Boozyshop Kaolin Clay Mask?

It is very important that your skin is thoroughly cleansed first and that you can apply the mask on clean and dry skin. Apply a thin layer of Kaolin Clay Mask to the skin with the Boozyshop Face Mask Brush . Take a moment for yourself and let it act for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse the mask well with lukewarm water and dry your skin again. After the mask, apply a serum and/or moisturizer. You can add this mask 1 to 2 times a week to your skincare routine.

Ultimate “Me” Time

Boozyshop also has a very nice Self Love, The Ultimate “Me” Time Set that contains the Kaolin Clay Mask. This set ensures that you can enjoy the ultimate with beautiful products. The set includes a Headband, Watermelon Exfoliating Face Scrub, Koalin Clay Mask, Face Mask Brush and a Rose Quartz Roller. With this set you don't feel like leaving the house anymore and you allow yourself a moment of pampering!