This is how you easily apply foundation

Foundation , almost everyone uses it. But what is the easiest way to apply it and what tools do you use. It all depends on the type of foundation you use. The different types are: liquid and powder foundations. You also have BB cream, which is actually the same as a liquid foundation. BB cream has less pigment.

liquid foundations

You can apply these in different ways. It just depends on what you like best to use.

Blending sponge

The first way to apply the foundation is with a blending sponge . Put some foundation on the sponge. If you wet the sponge first and squeeze it well, you absorb less product and waste less :-). Then dab over your skin with the makeup sponge. Do not rub, you will create streaks. Also, do not use too much product at once. This makes the layer look much too thick and unnatural. Better 2 thin layers than 1 thick!

foundation brush

You can also apply liquid foundation with a foundation brush . These brushes have strong bristles and glide easily over your skin. If you choose a foundation brush, make sure you use it properly. You always have to make short strokes, do this in quick succession, so they blend together so nicely. Do not make long strokes, then the stripes will remain visible. That's not pretty and doesn't look natural when the foundation has dried.

Powder foundations

These are pressed powders . Apply it with a powder brush. Run your brush through the correct color and run the brush over your face. Do this in circular movements for a nice blended effect. Do not use too much or you will look very powdered. And we all don't want an unnatural look ;-)

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