Strobe like a pro: that's how you do it!

Strobing is the trend of the moment! But what is that, strobe? Very simple: actually it is just an extreme form of highlighting. You highlight the parts of your face that normally "light up" when exposed to light. To strob, you can use different types of products, such as liquid highlighters, strobe highlighters or a highlight powder. You can of course also combine them. If you do, apply the liquid highlighter first. Get your glow on!

Strobe, how do you do that?

To work! You apply the strobe cream or strobe highlighter to different places on your face. Basically just anywhere you normally apply your highlighter. A little bit above your eyebrows, below your eyebrows, on the upper part of your cheekbones, on your nose, cupid's bow and finally also a little bit on your chin. The usual, but with even more glam than usual


Above your eyebrows: Apply the highlighter to the area where the light hits. That is in most cases just before your eyebrow bends down. So on the highest part of your brows.
Under your eyebrows: Here you apply the product from the arch upwards to the end of your eyebrows.
If you have done both, you will immediately see that your brows are sharper and stand out more! Yay!


On your cheekbones you can make the highlight as extreme as you want, make those babies shine bright like diamonds! To know exactly where your cheekbones are, feel the bone above your jaws. When you do that you feel exactly how the bone runs. With the strobe stick or highlighter you go over the top of the bone, as it were. Start at the tip of the eyebrow and follow the bone to the center of your eye. If you don't think the effect is shiny enough after 1 time, you can go over it a few more times.


How you apply strobing to your nose differs per nose shape.
If you have a straight nose, apply a thin line of highlighter or strobe cream to the bridge of your nose. Do this with a thin brush. If you want to create the illusion of a slightly less straight nose, shape a circle on the tip of your nose with the highlighter.
Do you have a bit of a lump on your nose and don't want to make it stand out? Then highlight the entire bridge of the nose except the part where the lump is. This makes it much less noticeable!
If the end of your nose is very cute, make a circle on the tip of your nose. Furthermore, you do not have to highlight your nose bridge. This way you focus on the high part. If you want your nose to look straighter, do it the other way around. Highlight the bridge of your nose and not the tip of your nose.

Cupid's bow

Strobing makes your upper lip look much bigger! Your cupid's bow is the bow on your upper lip. Apply the highlighter or strobe cream there. Do this with a thin brush, just like on your nose. Also apply the highlighter a little on the 'stripes' that run upwards from the arch towards your nose.


Finally, apply some strobe powder to your chin with a highlighter brush. Do this in a circular motion on the tip of your chin. This makes your lower lip appear fuller!

If you have applied the highlighter all over, your face will be completely glowy and you will shine all day long. Totally on fleek! Check out the full range of strobing products now and let your face glow!