Easy! This is how you apply an eyeliner with a wing: Sanfillipo wing it!

The Sanfillipo eyeliner. The product that ensures that you have a beautiful wing faster than ever! The eyeliner has 2 sides. A liner on one side and a stamp on the other. The stamp is in the shape of a triangle, which you use for the wing of course! So all you have to do for the wing is put a stamp. Being late due to uneven wings is now a thing of the past!

You can choose a thin or thick Sanfillipo stamp, choose which thickness wing suits you best.

How do you apply the wing?

First, stamp in the corner of your eye. Make sure the tip is pointing slightly up towards the tip of your eyebrow.
Then you get to work with the other side of the Sanfillipo. With the liner you draw a line that matches your lash line. That's it! Easy is not it?

The Sanfillipo stamp has excellent pigmentation and stays put. View the collection quickly!