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X-mas Makeup

The most pleasant month of the year is coming again. Preparing the holidays takes a lot of time and can be very stressful. We do not like stress at all and therefore we have put together a beautiful Christmas collection!
Skin Type
Wet n Wild Highlighting Palette
€15,95 €9,95
I Heart Revolution I Heart Heaven
€29,95 €14,95
Boozyshop 7 pc Marble Brush Set
€39,95 €19,95
Real Techniques Sleigh In It Set
€35,95 €19,95
Ecotools Warm Winter Glow Beauty Kit
€29,95 €19,95
Beautyblender Lets Get Bubbly Set
€39,95 €24,95
Kocostar Lip Mask Jar Mint
€36,95 €19,95
Real Techniques Ruler of the Skies Set
€35,95 €24,95
Beautyblender Blend Like a Pro Set
€42,90 €19,95
Makeup Revolution Party Soph
€17,95 €9,95
Makeup Revolution Sculpt & Fix Kit
€19,95 €9,95

X-mas Makeup

Stay Tuned, soon we will put the Christmas collection online here.

We have already seen this ourselves and we can already say that it looks great again this year!

Christmas make up

The countdown has started again! The most pleasant month of the year is coming. Now for the most of us this is the busiest month of the year. Preparing the holidays takes a lot of time and getting the gifts in the house can be very stressful. But we have a solution for that. We do not like stress at all and certainly not during the nicest month of the year. To make this cozy month even more enjoyable and to avoid stress, we have put together a beautiful Christmas collection of our favorite make up brands!

Make up presents under the Christmas tree!

The one thing that makes a woman happy is make up. Our Christmas collection is so extensive that there is something for everyone! Surprise your mother, sister or best friend with a nice gift set. If you see something that you would really like to get for Christmas, just put it on your own wish list!

What can you expect?

Oh, this will make you so greedy! Our Christmas collection is so extensive. Now I already hear you think, what can I expect exactly? Well, actually everything! Beautiful eyeshadow palettes with a color spectrum where you do not know which colors you should use first, we all want that, don't we?! Perfect to create any look you want. Do order on time, because then you have enough time to try your perfect make up look before Christmas! But you can also pamper yourself or your besties with luxurious gift sets that contain a variety of makeup products. Really there are so many that everyone will be happy here! But we have very nice brush sets too, which have a nice little secret. They give light in the dark, a small bright spot during these dark days ;)
We even have Christmas make up where you do not know exactly what you get. This is so much fun! When you buy a gift for yourself it is really a gift, because only when you unpack it you can see which variant is in it! Are you already greedy? We do! And that's not all, you're going to get much more greedy from our make up Christmas collection.

Christmas dinner

It is originally an English tradition that is slowly becoming a hit in our country: The Christmas cracker! These crackers are so nice! In the cracker is a nice gift, which is popped up with a small bang! To make Christmas even more pop, it's so nice to have a Christmas cracker on every plate during Christmas dinner, so that the Christmas dinner becoming more fun. And of course you already guess, in our crackers is make up. What exactly is in it is even a surprise for us! We are very curious about it, you too?! Make your Christmas dinner a top Christmas dinner and put a nice Christmas cracker on each plate. Bet you become a fan of this fun tradition as well!


The final countdown is almost there! Countdown to new years eve slowly comes very close. But instead of countdown calendars filled with chocolate, we have countdown calendars filled with make up! That is going to be hit, your December month has never been so nice. Every day a new make up gift, let yourself be surprised! There are several countdown calendars in our assortment, so take a quick look and make your December month even more fun!

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So many beautiful Christmas make up and gift sets, we fully understand that it is not easy to make a choice from so many beautiful products that make everyone greedy. Do you doubt and do you find it hard to decide which products you want to order? No problem, our make up artists from Boozyshop are completely in the Christmas spirit already and are here to help you! If you have questions just click on the chat, they are happy to help you make your choice. Can you make your choice and your shopping basket is completely filled? Then you can easily and safely pay. Have you ordered for more than 30 euros? Then you can choose a free gift in our gift system!