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Z Palette

The Z Palette brand has released empty palettes onto the market that are of particular interest to both general beauty lovers as well as professionals.

Z Palette

Z Palette, an empty palette with magnetic bottom

The Z Palette brand has chosen to put a blank palette on the market that has a magnetic bottom. At first glance, this choice might seem a little odd, but it is absolutely not; on the contrary. These empty palettes by Z Palette make it possible for you to store different types of eye shadow, blushes, bronzers and so on in them. The magnetic base in the empty palette ensures that especially the metal eye shadow pots will always stay in place. This allows you to set up your own favourite palette so that it becomes easy for you to take it with you wherever you go!

Available in various sizes

It goes without saying that the empty palettes by Z Palette are available in various sizes. Whatever needs you may have for your own palette, they are all possible options. For example, many ladies have undoubtedly been looking for a long time, for a blank palette that is compact enough to just fit into their handbag wherever they go. Is this also relevant to your situation? Then choosing a Small Z Palette is a must for you. Do you have a large collection of make-up which you would like to put into the same palette as much as possible? Then the Large Z Palette or the Extra Large version may be the one for you.

Also very suitable for professionals

The fact that the empty palettes by Z Palette are available in so many different designs ensures that the brand is absolutely not exclusively suitable for beauty enthusiasts in general; on the contrary. As a professional make-up artist you will also be able to see that a blank palette from the Z Palette product range is a must for you. This product will allow you take with you all of the make-up you need in a safe and practical way to be able to carry out your profession.

Empty palettes of unique designs

The Z Palette product range also includes some different unique empty palettes. For example, are you going to put baked powders or dome-shaped products in your palette? In that case, you will want to order a Domed Z Palette. Finally, to be able to put your favourite make-up into the palette, the use of a Z Palette Spatula is recommended. Also, do not forget to include the necessary available magnetic stickers in your Z Palette product order.

Fast delivery of your empty palettes

Are you ready for the unique concept of empty palettes by Z Palette? Do you therefore want to decide to order delivery of one of these empty palettes (or perhaps several)? That can be done! In addition, when placing an order here at Boozyshop you never have to wait long before you have your ordered items at your disposal; on the contrary. We make sure that your ordered empty palettes are always delivered on the next business day. Please note, for this to apply, please ensure that your order is placed before 20:00.

Benefit from free delivery and gift

As you have been able to read, having a blank palette by Z Palette delivered brings with it some very interesting advantages, but there is more. Place your order here at Boozyshop, and we will provide you with a very nice as well as totally free gift for an order of at least 30 euro. Is your order for more than 100 euro? Then your shipping costs will also disappear like snow in the sun. This ensures that you can take delivery of your blank palette from the Z Palette brand while being absolutely sure of getting the most competitive price!