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LA Splash Cosmetics

Are you looking for a high-quality, extremely beautiful waterproof and smudge proof lipstick? Why not check out the product range of LA Splash in the Boozyshop!
LA Splash Till Midnight Elixir
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LA Splash Cosmetics

LA Splash, always the most beautiful lips, guaranteed!

The American brand LA Splash is extremely popular in America and beyond due to its waterproof liquid lipsticks. Therefore many names from the product range of this brand will sound familiar to many ladies. For example Lip Couture, Smitten Lip Tint Mousse and Studio Shine Lip Lustre. Many demanding women all over the world use these absolute top products to their great satisfaction. Are you looking for a waterproof lipstick and would you like to use one of a trustworthy and established brand? Look no further and discover the excellent articles of LA Splash in the Boozyshop!

Vibrant and trendy colours

LA Splash is a brand that was incorporated in February 2001 in sunny Los Angeles and is known for the use of vibrant and trendy colours. It is also known for being able to create truly outstanding quality products for the hip and modern consumer. In other words, when you are looking for not just any lipstick, but would like to purchase a waterproof lipstick that will help you complete your look, then it absolutely worthwhile ordering a LA Splash lipstick.

Long-lasting liquid lipsticks

The quality of LA Splash lipsticks is unique as they are not only long-lasting, you also only need to apply one layer of lipstick and you can rest assured that LA Splash lipsticks will remain in place the whole day. Are you afraid to eat or drink because you fear that you may lose some of your lipstick? No need to worry about that with LA Splash lipsticks! Just eat and drink as you like! The lipstick doesn't become greasy and therefore always keeps its optimum look.

The realisation of a beautiful, matted look

Are you looking for a way of creating a beautiful matted look with a waterproof lipstick? In that case we recommend the Lip Couture. If you prefer a velvet matted finish, then you will certainly like the Smitten Lip Tint Mousse of LA Splash. Are you interested in purchasing a velvet matted finish with a wonderful fragrance? In that case, we recommend that you check the Velvet Matte Collection. Whatever the case may be, whichever lipstick you prefer, LA Splash has it all!

The benefits of LA Splash lipsticks

After reading this information it is clear that purchasing one of the many different LA Splash lipsticks has its advantages. Just to make sure you don't miss out on any of them, we have listed them for you. First of all, LA Splash, as the name suggests, is an American brand that combines excellent quality with a very affordable price tag. Moreover, by purchasing one of the LA Splash lipsticks, you can enjoy its extremely long wearability. All the lipsticks of this brand are also smudge and waterproof, which means you can always enjoy the best look during the most diverse circumstances and situations. Add to this the fact that the brand's collection offers you the opportunity to select from a wide range of different colours and you have all the reasons you need to purchase one or maybe even more LA Splash products here in the Boozyshop.

Ordering LA Splash lipsticks in the Boozyshop

Are you convinced by the excellent benefits offered by LA Splash lipsticks? Are you interested in purchasing one or more of these articles? When you make your purchase in the Boozyshop, we will not only guarantee an excellent price, but you will also receive a nice gift if you order 30 euro or more. Still not convinced? Any order you place for 100 euro or more is delivered free of charge. Moreover, if you place your order before 8 p.m., it is delivered the following working day, so you do not need to worry about long delivery times. Interested in purchasing LA Splash lipsticks? Look no further and purchase them today and enjoy the benefits here in the Boozyshop!