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Elite Models 4 Latex Makeup Sponges

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Elite Models 4 Latex Makeup Sponges are latex sponges for applying liquids, gels and creams. 
You can use the sponge last longer if you don’t make long rubbing motions over the face. Replace every 3 months for hygienic reasons. 

Keep the makeup sponge always in a well-aerated place with room temperature to prevent choking of the foam. 
The sponge should be cleaned every week to optimize its lifetime. 
Use lukewarm water and shampoo or a brush cleanser.

Keep the sponge under lukewarm water and apply the shampoo. Squeeze out the moisture and repeat it until the makeup sponge is clean again.

Don’t clean the makeup sponge by rubbing it on a surface, it will damage the sponge.