The best self-tanners of the moment

Leeeet the sun shiiiiine, leeeeeet the sun shine...we've already had a few sun-drenched days, but have those winter milk bottles disappeared yet? At least not mine. Time for a fake tan! But which one is the best? I have listed them for you in a top 3!

Let's get off white

Summer is just around the corner! The airy outfits and bikinis are on their way, but your body is still glowing! Fake tannette for the time being then, right?

But which one is the best? There is some difference. Because we don't want to look orange or green! We want that natural brown shade from a bottle that covers us until we have our summer tan under control. Fake it till we make it! Or not, you can always stay fake-tanning if you prefer to stay in the shade, but still want that tan or if you think you're never brown enough ;-).

The Toppers

Among the self-tanners hey... those other toppers are already somewhat outdated, aren't they? I'll start with the #1:

#1: Almaaz

From Dutch soil, yes! Almaaz's flagship product is the Hydrating Tanning Daycream . This is a super nice nourishing and firming day cream that gives your skin a beautiful and natural tan. The more often you apply the cream, the more intense the color becomes...gradually, just like when you're out in the sun. Almost real ;-).

The Hydrating Tanning Daycream is for your face, but of course they also have a pearl for your body! Only a colored face is also a bit crazy if you plan to parade in your bikini between the palm trees! So there is the Hydrating Tanning Lotion for the body. A nice refreshing and moisturizing lotion that gives a natural complexion, just like the day cream. Almaaz has got you covered!

#2: Bali Body

Bali Body is a pioneer in tanning. They have various tanning products including self-tanners. The most used and topper among the self-tanners for the body is the Self Tanning Mousse . This self tan gives a beautiful natural tan and keeps your skin wonderfully hydrated.

Bali Body also has magic water for the face! The Face Tan Water gives you a subtle tan and is also buildable so that a tan gradually develops. And meanwhile, it reduces acne, redness and prevents skin aging. Win-win-win!

#3 St. Moriz

At number three is St. Moriz with the Fast Tanning Mousse . For the last minute, "Oh! Quick" myself ;-). With this tanning mousse you have a sun-tanned skin within 1 to 3 hours! You can just do it while packing your suitcase, whatever you are doing just before you leave of course. This is your friend in need for some tanning speed!

These are Boozyshop's favorites! And if you think "Yes, I want to!", but how do I do that so that it looks as natural and even as possible? Well... you can read that in the blog How to: ultimate fake tan routine .

Go, go, go get that tan!