Do I need an SPF in the winter?

When we talk about SPF, we usually associate it with summer. In the summer we protect our skin well against the sun's rays. But shouldn't we also do that in winter? Even then the sun shines. The answer to this question is therefore: YES!

Why do I also need SPF in winter?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Is this also necessary in the winter? Yes, because the sun also shines in winter.

The height of the factor multiplies the time in which you would burn without sunburn. In winter you therefore do not need such a high factor than in summer. The sun strength is a lot lower in winter, but still present, which is why it is important to protect your skin with SPF all year round.

Good protection prevents skin aging

UV light damages the elastin and connective tissue fibers of the skin. When you sit unprotected in the sun, the chance of skin aging and the development of pigment spots is therefore greater. And of course we want to prevent that and postpone it as long as possible! Let's emphasize it again ;-) use a good SPF all year round.

SPF in your skincare and make-up routine

To ensure good protection, add an SPF to your standard skincare routine! This is also great in combination with your make-up. If you use a day cream, apply your day cream first, then the SPF and then you can just do your makeup. But nowadays you also have super nice day creams and foundations that already contain SPF. In winter, factor 15 is sufficient. This way you enjoy the caring properties of your day cream and your skin is protected against skin aging and pigmentation spots that cause UV rays.

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