5 reasons why you should use SPF every day

We all know that using SPF is important, but what are the main reasons why?

Reason 1: protect your skin from sunburn.

When you are burned it is of course very painful, but it also causes a lot of damage to the skin. Once you've been burned once, you're more likely to get burned the next time, because your skin cells are damaged.

Reason 2: to protect your skin from too much UV radiation.

If you have too much exposure to UV radiation, you increase the chance of developing skin cancer in the course of your life. Because your skin is damaged by burning, there is a chance that the cells will mutate or divide incorrectly, which leads to melanoma. And of course nobody wants that.

Reason 3: Anti-aging!

A lot of research has been done into UV radiation and it has emerged that you get wrinkles faster due to a lot of UV radiation. Oh NO! So start applying quickly!

Reason 4: your resistance.

Too much UV radiation can cause a reduction in your resistance, your skin is temporarily less strong and can resist infections, fever and viruses less well.

Reason 5: exposure to UV radiation even on cloudy days.

And you might not think it, but number five is also greasing on not sunny days. It may seem like the sun is absent on cloudy days, but secretly it just shines from behind the clouds. And the UV radiation goes right through the clouds. You will therefore be exposed to UV radiation unnoticed, and as you can read in the reasons above, you want to limit this as much as possible. So even on cloudy days you can now include your favorite SPF sunscreen, such as the COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF 50, in your skincare routine!