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You don't want to miss the Kryolan Professional Make-up Scar Matrix in your stash! With this cool mold you can easily make wounds with latex, which you can then apply to your skin.

Do you find it difficult to make a bullet hole or cut yourself with Cinewax or with just latex and cotton wool? With this mold you can already make the wounds in advance and when your party is on, apply and color it immediately, how handy is that!

This scar matrix:

  • 7 different wounds and scars
  • for use with latex
  • make wounds beforehand
  • apply when your party is
  • cruelty free

Contents: 1 mould.

How to use:

Making prosthetic with the mold:

  • Apply a coat of Mold Release spray and allow to dry.
  • Then apply an even layer of transparent powder.
  • Apply a layer of latex, with a sponge or cotton ball, to the wound you want to make and let it dry almost completely. If necessary, use a hair dryer (not too hot) to let the latex dry faster. Latex applies white and is transparent when dry.
  • Apply several layers until the wound is the desired thickness. Make sure that you do not apply too much latex beyond the edges. You want the edge to flow nicely into your own skin. It may of course be thicker on the wound or scar itself.
  • Let it dry completely, depending on the thickness this can take a few hours.
  • Apply a generous layer of powder over the prosthetic and then gently peel it away from the mold. Also apply a good layer of powder to the front to prevent it from sticking together.

Applying the prosthetic:

  • Choose the desired prosthetic and place it where you want to apply it.
  • Powder the edge so you can see the alignment of the prosthetic on your skin.
  • Remove the prosthetic and apply a thin layer of Kryolan Spirit Glue to the prosthetic, let it dry for a while so that it becomes tacky.
  • On your skin, on the inside of the powder outline, also apply spirit glue. Do this after applying glue to the prosthetic. The heat from your skin will make the glue dry faster.
  • Place the prosthetic back where you applied the glue and press gently.
  • Wipe off the excess powder with a brush and, if necessary, apply another layer of latex along the edges to let it flow nicely into your skin.
  • Color the wounds with face paint or alcohol paint and blood to make them look extra realistic.
  • Remove the wound with the Kryolan Spirit Gum Glue Remover.

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