Which highlighter is best for dark skin?

Do you have dark skin and does your skin look a bit gray as your highlighter? While it should of course give you a beautiful glow! Then there is a good chance that you are using the wrong color highlighter. Quickly read the do's and don'ts when choosing your perfect highlighter!

Highlighter Don'ts

If you have a dark skin tone, it is smart to avoid highlighters with cool tones. These will make your skin look gray very quickly. This is because of your undertone. If you are a woman of color you have beautiful skin with a lot of pigment. This gives you a warm undertone. This one can be red, yellow or neutral, all warm colors. So do not use silver, blue or other shade cool highlighter, because these do not match your skin. The cool colors will make your face sparkle, but won't show off your skin.

Highlighter Dos!

Colors that will look good on you are warm colors. With highlighter, these are often gold tones. From rose gold to yellow gold. It will be best if you choose a dark golden color, not a color that tends to silver. Pink, peachy and coral colored highlighters will also look great on you.

Another tip! You can also go for a light bronzer with glitter in it. You can use this very well as a highlighter. For sure that this will give your face an amazing glow!

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