Which colors go best with blue eyes?

Are you blessed with blue eyes? Then read on! We are happy to tell you which eyeshadow color suits you best. You can of course also use these colors in your clothing, for an extra striking effect.

Use contrasting colors

When you meet someone, the eyes are usually the first thing you notice. You can see in the eyes the emotion that a person has. By applying eyeshadow you decide what you want to draw attention to. Are you going for clarity, vibrancy or do you want to give your look some depth? It is nice to use multiple colors for an extra strong effect.

You can really make your beautiful, clear blue eyes shine with a matching eyeshadow color. Now just need to find the right color! Do you want to know which colors make you shine? We are happy to help you.


Earth tones for blue eyes

Earth tones are highly recommended for your blue eyes. Think of brown, orange and light green. These colors make the blue stand out in your eyes even more! Alternate your eyeshadow with matte and shimmery shades for a striking result. Gray and silver also make your eyes stand out better. Do you have a yellow undertone in your skin? Then warm colors probably suit you better. Does your skin have a pink undertone? Then get started with silver and gray!


Purple eyeshadow is always a good choice

The color purple is the perfect color to match any eye color. It is a very good choice if you want to let your blue eyes speak extra. Do you find a purple eyeshadow look a bit intense? Experiment with a purple eye pencil or an eyeliner , for example!

I hope you are now a bit wiser about which eyeshadow color you can and want to use. It is important to remember that there is no real rule about which color is right or wrong. As long as you feel comfortable with your choice!