What is double cleansing?

Ever heard of double cleansing? No? Do not panic! In this blog I explain what exactly this is and what double cleansing does for your skin.

What is the double cleansing?

Actually, the name says it all, with this method you clean your face twice. In other words, you use not one but two cleansers to clean your face. This method has been used in South Korea and Japan for years and is very popular.

Curious about how this works exactly and what you need for it? Then read on quickly!

Which products should I use?

With double cleansing you start with a cleansing oil, cleansing balm or an oil-based cleanser. You may now be wondering why does this have to be an oil? An oil removes waterproof makeup and SPF residues more easily than a (normal) cleanser. As soon as you start using a cleanser in step 2, your skin has already been stripped of these residues and is therefore already a lot cleaner.

Perhaps you are already using a pure oil to remove your makeup? It is better not to do that with double cleansing. Pure oil always leaves a layer of fat and that layer still contains remnants of your makeup and SPF. With a pure oil you clean your skin less well than with a special cleansing oil.

Once your skin has been cleaned with an oil, continue with a cleanser that suits your skin type. Do you want to know exactly what your skin type is to find a suitable cleanser? Then read this blog!


Why double cleansing?

As mentioned above, you actually clean your skin extra with double cleansing. If you often wear waterproof makeup and/or SPF, this method is definitely worth it! You rid your skin of all leftovers and it has never been so clean!

Do you suffer from oily skin? Even then this method could be for you! Because you clean your skin twice, excess oils are removed extra well and you therefore get oily skin less quickly.

Double cleansing routine

Have you become curious about double cleansing and would you like to try it? Below I have written a routine for you that will probably help you.

  1. Start by cleansing your face with a cleansing oil, cleansing balm, or oil-based cleanser.
  2. Rinse this cleanser off your face with water.
  3. Continue your routine with a cleanser that's right for your skin.
  4. Also rinse this cleanser with water and dry your face with a clean towel.

Where to buy?

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